Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Time has flown; this month will mark one year in Kansas City and little over a year out of the Military.

In my time here at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) the Lord has done more than I could have anticipated. It has been a blessing to come into a rich and neutering environment after four difficult and trying years in the Military.

I have currently been thinking and praying about what the Lord would have me do in the upcoming years. Originally when I came here I felt the Lord leading me to go into the Forerunner School of Ministry (which is part of IHOP), I assumed that I would be in school for four years. Yet at the start of this school year nothing was falling into place like I expected it to. I felt as if the Lord lifted His grace from Fulltime School and part time work. I felt urgency in my spirit. I wrestled with the Lord, and I heard Him say ‘I do not have time for you to collect certificates.’ It was then that I realized that I was continuing in school for the wrong reason. I realized that the Lord had placed desires in my heart and the time to walk them out was drawing near. At this point I sought wise council from leaders here and decided to stop school. I will be continuing on staff with IHOP as an intercessory missionary.

It was the weekend after I officially disenrolled from Forerunner School of Ministry; on Sunday at church they presented Crises Response International (CRI). CRI is a nonprofit organization that trains volunteers and churches to respond to disasters in the United States and world-wide. One thing I love about what CRI is doing is they have a vision to raise up crises response volunteers to take the compassion and Salvation of Jesus into disasters. It was then that I realized why the Lord had taken me out of school. I see such a need in our society and in my life to be prepared for crisis. I felt that the Lord was calling me to face my fears and prepare for crisis. I am not sure what the particulars will look like but I am excited to see were the Lord takes me. I will be participating in training with CRI on October 8 thru the 11th.

Shortly after this I was processing thru everything that was going on in my life and I asked the Lord, ‘Lord how do we prepare ourselves for the unexpected or for disasters,’ then I remembered the book of Revelation. This book is all about the church overcoming great trails. I love how Jesus laid this book out, first He stared with the Revelation of who He is. The whole first chapter is jammed packed with attributes and characteristics of who Jesus is. Than in chapters 2 and 3 are letters to the churches with practical steps on how to overcome. Chapters 1 thru 3 prepare the reader for what is to come in Revelation 5-22, when Jesus initiates His battle plan for the end of the age. Personally I have been praying that God would fill me with His Grace and Peace that is rooted in the eternality of Jesus (Rev 1:4).

So in conclusion I find myself on an adventure with Jesus where I do not have all the answers but I hear Him saying ‘Christina trust Me.’